Ree Drummond Shares Adorable Throwback Pic of Son Bryce To Celebrate His 19th Birthday

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Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond

Ree Drummond/Instagram; Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Ree Drummond had some loving words for son Bryce Drummond on Friday.

In honor of her first-born son's 19th birthday, the Pioneer Woman star, 52, shared a sweet tribute to Bryce on Instagram.

Attached to her words were a gallery of photos of Bryce, including a photo of him as a young boy, looking over his shoulder at the camera.

"Happy birthday to my third child and first son Bryce, who was my only anesthesia-free childbirth experience, who will eternally (to me) look like this [childhood] photo, and who will forever inhabit a very special portion of my heart—the portion devoted to mysterious minds and deep dimples," Ree wrote.

Ree also included picture of Bryce playing football at the University of North Texas, where he serves as the team's quarterback. Another candid shot was snapped of Bryce dressed in a tuxedo at his sister Alex Drummond's wedding.

"I love you, B-Man," Ree added. "So very, very much."

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Ree Drummond Drops Son off at College
Ree Drummond Drops Son off at College

Ree Drummond/ instagram

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In addition to Bryce and Alex, 24, Ree and her husband Ladd Drummond are also parents to daughter Paige, 21, son Todd, 17, and foster son Jamar, 18.

Just last month, Ree dropped Bryce off at UNT again, documenting the goodbye on her Instagram page. (He started there in January, after graduated high school early so he could start spring practice with his football team).

Of course, the Food Network host made sure to fill up her son's pantry with all the essentials.

"2 trips 2 hours apart to 2 different Walmart locations plus 2 hours of organizing and 2 iced coffees was all it took to get Bryce's kitchen all set up and stocked yesterday. (Oh, and a 500 mile drive to Texas and back.)," Ree captioned the selfie.

She added, "I guess it's that important to me for my child to be able to make an egg. 😂 I love you, my son!"

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Ree has been going through a weight-loss journey, which started after bringing Bryce to college.

"I have a cooking show, I write cookbooks, I have a cooking website. I have a restaurant, a bakery. So you know, it just kept creeping up," she told Entertainment Tonight this week. "In January of this year, we took my son Bryce to college. I tell this story, but I basically hit rock bottom eating chips and salsa one night. I went a little overboard, but I thought that night, 'I am going to start tomorrow.' "

Since changing up her lifestyle, with a consistent fitness routine and more conscious eating decisions, Ree's lost almost 60 lbs. so far.

"I am doing something different," Ree said, adding that her fitness journey wasn't necessarily about losing weight but feeling her best. "The scale was sort of a gauge for me that I was heading in the right direction. And it was never about 'I have to lose this amount.' It's really about how I feel. I feel great."

"It changes your whole outlook, just having the routine of exercise in your day," she continued. "You know, I still eat the foods that I cook my family. I still eat cake — I just eat a Rhode Island–sized piece instead of a Texas-sized piece!"

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