Ree Drummond Responds to Viewers Criticizing Her 'Lack of Professionalism and Decorum'

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Ree Drummond
Ree Drummond

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Ree Drummond has a good sense of humor about herself, even when she's dealing with critics.

Over the weekend, the Food Network star shared a clip from an upcoming episode of her series The Pioneer Woman, in which her daughter Paige Drummond playfully fought with brother-in-law Mauricio Scott over who gets the first bite of Ree's latest recipe.

"I didn't really invite you guys on my side of the counter by the way," Ree, 53, joked in the clip, as the two pretended to push one another while Ree's daughter Alex Drummond filmed from behind the camera. "I just asked who wanted to try it first!"

Looking back on it, Ree admitted that the silliness seen on screen might play into some of the negative comments she's received in the past.

"While most of the feedback I receive on our self-shot cooking show is positive, I do hear from the occasional viewer who takes issue with the lack of professionalism and decorum displayed in the kitchen," the best-selling cookbook author explained in that clip's caption.

"I used to read those messages and scratch my head, not really understanding what they meant…but then I watch a clip like this and totally get it," she added, with a laughing emoji.

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Ree's kids seemed to take it all in stride too, laughing along with their mom in the comments section. "A classic Paige vs. Mauricio brawl," Alex, 24, admitted.

Fans also rallied around Ree with support.

"But THIS is how moms really cook!!!" one fan wrote, another stressing, "this is what makes the show relatable and lovable."

"I love the laid back vibe much better than the 'professional' version!" added a viewer. "Love seeing the kids! You do you!!!"

"That's my favorite part of your show! So authentic and hilarious!" stressed a follower.

"Real life is the best!" one wrote. "Keep it up and enjoy all the memories you and the kids have made. I sure have enjoyed every single episode! 🙌 ❤️."

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Ree Drummond Walmart
Ree Drummond Walmart


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The Pioneer Woman has aired nearly 300 episodes and 29 seasons since its debut on The Food Network in 2007. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Drummond family has taken over production on the show, often manning the cameras themselves.

Fans can get up, close, and personal with the production location where Ree films her the show, as she's offering free tours of the space to the public once again.

Sitting on the Drummond ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma, the space — dubbed the Lodge — doubles as Ree and husband Ladd Drummond's family guest house. It's a fun side trip for those stopping by The Pioneer Woman Mercantile, Ree's beloved restaurant, bakery, and store experience.

Tickets (1 per group) are required for Lodge tours, and are available at The Merc. For the most up-to-date list of tours, visit the tour page's website.

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