A Redditor Turned 'Pokémon' Into a First-Person Shooter

·1 min read

Over the two and a half decades since the Pokémon franchise originally launched, there's been a myriad of different games created around the beloved creatures, from the traditional turn-based strategy game or pinball to Niantic's popular augmented reality mobile title or even a photo-snapping experience, but one genre that hasn't been done is the first-person shooter – until now.

The new build comes from Reddit user Dragon_GameDev, who spent a month creating an FPS game using the Unreal Engine where you're able to shoot and combat various Pokémon instead of catching them. All the Pokémon were imported from Sun and Moon, and there are even boss fights against legendary ones like Mewtwo.

Dragon_GameDev has since uploaded links to all the assets he used for the build. Check out the gameplay video down below and head over to Reddit if you want to give this a try yourself.

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