Reddit user discovers completely unchanged 1990s Target cafe: ‘Looks so much better’

A Redditor was shocked to stumble upon a nostalgic slice of the 1990s — and now, people around the world are begging Target to bring back these kitschy cafes.

User u/galaxy-m81 gained over 61,000 upvotes and nearly 2,000 comments when they posted a photo of the untouched, completely intact cafe to Reddit.

Now, much like the young couple who made a shocking discovery in the attic while renovating their 108-year-old house, this Redditor’s stunning find has people yearning for the past.

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Courtesy of Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

In the post, entitled, “This Target cafe hasn’t changed since the 90s,” u/galaxy-m81 tapped into people’s longing for the ’90s — and for the festive decor of yesteryear.

“Looks so much better compared to the bland colors everything is adopting nowadays,” one user wrote.

“Honestly why would you change it,” asked another user.

“I miss the neon on the walls,” one user reminisced.

“I can smell the popcorn,” wrote another.

“The modern minimalist corporate aesthetic is perhaps the worst aesthetic I can think of,” commented another user.

“Flat/minimalist design sucks and stamps the personality out of everything,” wrote one user.

“Bring back whimsy,” another user demanded.

“They need to bring fun back to places. Everything turned so ugly and corporate. I miss old looking Taco Bell,” commented another.

Courtesy of Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

Another Redditor yearned for the Taco Bell of yore and posted a vintage photo to the r/90s subreddit.

Fast food takes itself so seriously these days,” one user commented on the post.

“I miss the old style. Now everything is just the same and lifeless,” wrote another user.

Burger King also enjoyed some time in the vintage spotlight when a man named Jonathan Pruitt discovered a completely intact restaurant hidden behind the wall of a mall in Wilmington, DE.

Courtesy of Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

“The Holy Grail: a vintage, intact Burger King, abandoned since 2009,” the title read.

Pruitt originally posted the discovery to the Facebook group “All Things Delaware,” where it quickly went viral.

The untouched burger joint enjoyed a second wave of virality when Twitter user @loserskwaddd uploaded a video of the space.

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But these fast-food time capsules don’t simply contain fun, retro aesthetics of the nineties. They provide windows into people’s childhoods, bringing them back to seemingly simpler times.

User u/buckeye_man18 provided such a window when his unchanged Pizza Hut post went viral on r/Nostalgia.

“I recently went to [a Pizza Hut] to pickup my order. The salad bar was gone as was the arcade, no one else was in there. I don’t think I had been in one in over 20 years. The memories hit me so hard and seeing those things missing really broke my heart. Many good memories after sporting events and performances would be had there in my childhood. And now they are just sad and empty,” one user wrote.

Courtesy of Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

An unchanged Wendy’s also went viral when user u/CranberryMcNuggo posted a photo to r/MildlyInteresting.

“Bruh I love that 90s/very early 2000s looks. It reminds me of simpler times. It always comforts me,” one user commented.

“Dave Thomas is smiling down on this slice of 90’s heaven,” quipped another user.

Courtesy of Reddit
Courtesy of Reddit

It can be hard to accept that time is ever-marching, and style ever-evolving.

After all, today’s youth might one day yearn for the “modern, minimalist, corporate aesthetic” of the Pizza Huts and Taco Bells of their own childhoods.

But while it’s fun to look back and reminisce, it’s important also to embrace and celebrate the here and now — and to appreciate that perhaps fast food’s best days are behind us.

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