Reddit can’t believe how hard it supposedly is to cancel some gym memberships: ‘Flat out predatory’

A Redditor’s failed attempt to cancel their gym membership proved to be all too relatable.

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The user @TheGeekThatStoleTech posted an alleged screenshot of a notification he received from Blink Fitness in Reddit’s “Mildly Infuriating” forum, where it received over 65,000 upvotes. The message was sent after the Redditor tried to cancel their membership because they were moving away.

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“How far will you be moving from a blink location?” the message reads, according to the screenshot posted. “Thanks for reaching out to us! We’d be happy to help with canceling your membership via email if you could please supply proof of your relocation, your member id, and your membership email.”

The instructions indicated that valid proof of relocation included documents like “a lease agreement, utility bill, or a newly issued driver’s license.”

Redditors discussed the predatory nature of gym memberships in general and shared their own horror stories.

“I know they want to retain as many members as possible, but I think forcing people into paying a membership they are not using is flat out predatory,” a user wrote.

“They make money from people joining but not showing up,” a person commented.

“As a banker myself, I see it almost weekly someone coming in to do a stop pay on Planet Fitness mostly, but occasionally 24hr Fitness and Lifetime,” another claimed.

“I had this once, I sent them the address of the Better Business Bureau. They canceled my membership,” someone added.

“New York Sports Club made it so hard to cancel during covid that NYC actually passed a law that requires all gyms in the city to have an option for people to easily cancel their memberships online,” a Redditor said, linking to a Gothamist article.

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