Reddit stunned by 18-year-old's 'infuriating' instant mac-and-cheese habit: 'I'm scared'

An 18-year-old only eats the cheese packets from the instant mac, and it’s driving his sibling crazy.

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The sibling posted about the situation in Reddit’s “Mildly Infuriating” forum. The response was hardly “mild,” with the post receiving over 26,000 upvotes. Many Redditors were appalled, frightened and confused by the behavior.

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“My brother only eats the cheese packets in the instant Mac and cheese, and then puts it back on the shelf,” the caption read.

The Reddit poster explained that “he just tears open the packet and sprinkles it into his mouth.”

Redditors shared their reactions to the unusual eating habit.

“Solution: Remove all of the cheese packets from the boxes and lock them up, put the macaroni into zip lock bags and store in the boxes for future use,” someone suggested.

The Reddit poster replied, “We did, but he went out and bought a bag of cheese by himself.”

“The majority of 18 year olds these days haven’t quite grasped how life works yet,” a user wrote.

Mom, pick me up, I’m scared,” a person said.

“You need to introduce him to a bulk food store it can save a lot of money and a lot of storage space for unused pasta,” another added.

“Tell me you’re a serial killer without telling me you’re a serial killer,” someone commented.

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