Red Sox' Hanley Ramirez credits Tom Brady's book with improved fitness

It’s easy for some to mock Tom Brady and the methods he uses to keep himself in shape to continue playing at a high level in the NFL at 40-years-old. The New England Patriots quarterback just won his third Most Valuable Player award so we’re not sure why he’d be mocked, but it certainly happens.

One of the people who not only believes in Brady’s methods but has used them himself is Boston Red Sox infielder Hanley Ramirez.

The 34-year-old, who is beginning his 14th MLB season, told reporters at the Sox’ spring training facility in Ft. Myers, Fla., that he’s read “The TB12 Method,” the book Brady released last year detailing his mental, physical and nutritional approach, and has adopted some of the practices and they’ve helped.

“It’s working for me,” Ramirez said, via “If you sit down and see what he’s saying in the book, it made a lot of sense.”

Patriots QB Tom Brady, center, teammates and owner Robert Kraft brought the Lombardi Trophy to Fenway Park last year. A member of the Red Sox said on Thursday following Brady’s workout methods has helped him. (AP)

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Ramirez said he’s lifting weights less and using exercise bands more, in part a nod to his age.

“You get to that age, you cross 30, you’ve got to concentrate now on the little muscles,” he said. “Because you’ve got the power from the big muscles. So when you get hurt, most of the time those little muscles stop working. So you’ve just got to keep working on those little muscles. That’s what the bands do. They give you more resistance. Keep the little muscles working.”

He began working with the bands at the end of last year and quickly saw a difference.

“And I was feeling a little bit better in my shoulder. … I was ready for the offseason to start 100 percent every day. It’s made a lot of changes in my life and my body,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez, who played 133 games last season and underwent left shoulder surgery in the offseason, noted his hips and bat swing are faster.

And he’s lost around 15 pounds.

But does following the TB12 method mean avocado ice cream and an avoidance of strawberries, a la Brady?

“A little bit, but I’ve got my guy, too, that’s on top of me the whole year, the whole season,” he said.

Ramirez joked that he didn’t want to give Brady too much credit for his fitness; he said he could play first base full-time this year if needed.

“I think we’re giving too much credit to Tom Brady right now, huh,” he said. “The good thing about Brady is winning. It’s about winning and making his team better. And when you’ve got a guy like that, it inspires other people to get better. And it shows to others that age is just a number when you do the little things right.”