After recount triggered by close vote, Cherlynn Stevenson remains victor in 88th District

Silas Walker/

State Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson’s victory over a GOP challenger was upheld following an automatic recount of the vote for Kentucky’s 88th House District in Fayette and Scott counties.

With both counties combined, Stevenson gained two more votes, and Republican Jim Coleman’s total count was unchanged.

Following the initial Election Day vote count, Stevenson’s win stood at just 35 votes. After the recount, it’s 37.

In Fayette County, Stevenson remained at 6,376 votes while Coleman lost one, ending up at 5,768.

In Scott County, Stevenson gained two votes and Coleman gained one, for 1,840 and 2,411 respectively.

Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins said in a news release that it is “completely normal for a difference to appear of one or two ballots, as voters are sometimes not careful about how they feed their ballot into the scanner.”

Scott County Elections Coordinator said the small discrepancy in her county was the result of jams in two different ballot machines. The additional votes were found during the hand-count, she said.

State law requires a recount of votes when the margin of victory is less than 0.5% of the vote.