For the record

It was an inquest jury, not the Independent Office for Police Conduct as an editorial said, which this month found that failures by West Midlands police had “materially contributed” to the 2018 murders of Raneem Oudeh and her mother Khaola Saleem (Time to prioritise violence against women, 20 November, p48). The IOPC completed its investigation in 2020.

An analysis within a series of pieces headed The second American civil war (6 November, New Review, p12) erred in saying that “state legislatures” pick the US president if no candidate reaches the threshold of 270 electoral college votes; it is the House delegations from each state that have the vote.

YouTube was mistakenly listed among platforms owned by Meta; it belongs to Google, which is part of Alphabet (Notebook, 20 November, p50).

We referred in an article (In eastern Poland, Putin’s war has turned enemies into friends, 20 November, p37) to Prof Tomasz Pudłocki “of Kraków University”. To clarify: the institution to which he is affiliated is Kraków’s Jagiellonian University. This detail was lost during editing.

A Comment piece spoke of most Conservative MPs “behaving like Romans watching a particularly bloody session in the Coliseum this year”. Our style guide reminds us: “Coliseum: London theatre; Colosseum: Roman amphitheatre” (This sullen silence among Tory MPs speaks volumes. They are reconciled to defeat, 20 November, p49).

Other recently amended articles include:

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