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A recipe for pork and crab dumplings to celebrate lunar new year was illustrated with a photograph that showed a sheet of joss paper next to the dish. Such paper is burned for the dead at funerals and in other rituals in China and other parts of Asia. We apologise for this cultural error and would also like to clarify that chef Ching-He Huang, who created the recipe, was not involved in the mistake (Over the moon, 16 January, Food Monthly, p34).

Many readers noted that a Speedy crossword clue – US WWII general, later President (8) – called for a solution that erred in both spelling and length (“No 1,372”, 16 January, p59). While solvers wanted, correctly, to write “Eisenhower”, the grid was calling for “Isenhour”. The online version of the clue, 6 down, has been replaced.

A profile of Antony Jenkins referred to him as chief executive of 10x Future Technologies. The company is now known as 10x Banking (16 January, p50).

We said the hotel No 1 by Guesthouse was opening in York later this month; in fact, its doors opened in December (Making an entrance, 9 January, Magazine, p35).

A picture caption misdescribed Democrat Stacey Abrams as “now governor of Georgia”. Abrams, who is running for governor in 2022, lost her 2018 bid to Republican Brian Kemp (How did he do? Biden one year on, 9 January, New Review, p8).

Homophone corner: “These are voters who leant their vote to the Conservatives in 2019 and hoped to see a ‘levelled-up’ country.” (The end?, 16 January, p29).

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