For the record

An article that referred to the crown estate’s marine portfolio being worth £5bn should have made clear this was the figure for England, Wales and Northern Ireland; and also that interests in Scotland are managed separately by Crown Estate Scotland, revenues from which are not linked to the sovereign grant (Windfall from offshore energy boom set to spark fresh debate about funding the royals, 18 September, p6).

It is a group of cross-party MPs – not the government as an editing error led an article to say – that is in talks with Taiwan to provide Mandarin teachers to the UK (China out, Taiwan in…, 18 September, p21).

An analysis piece (Biggest interest rate rise for 25 years could spell showdown at the Bank of England, 18 September, p49) said the central bank was expected to raise interest rates to tackle “soaring borrowing costs”; the intended reference was, of course, to soaring inflation.

We omitted to credit James Brittain for two photographs accompanying an architecture review of Houlton, a new town in Warwickshire: they were an exterior image of the 1920s radio complex and one of the school hall (All the right signals, 18 September, the New Review, p32).

The main image that accompanied a review of the biography of the late Charlie Watts showed him in the video for Miss You, not Respectable, as the caption said. And the cowbell on Honky Tonk Women was played by Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller, not by Watts (Chronicles of a reluctant Stone, 11 September, the New Review, p43).

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