Recommended Reading: High-tech COVID-19 testing at home

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·1 min read

Behind the high-tech COVID-19 tests you probably haven’t heard about

Victoria Song, The Verge

Rapid antigen tests are all the rage these days, but there are some tech-based options that offer the accuracy of a PCR lab test with at-home convenience of what you can get at your local pharmacy. The Verge examines a few options with the pros and cons of each one, from pricing to the time it takes to get the results.

Before Uvalde, a platform fails to answer kids' alarms

Casey Newton, Platformer

Livestreaming app Yubo appears to have been the Uvalde shooter's primary social platform. Despite many threats of violence that were reported by several other users, no action was taken. Newton discusses why platform reporting tools aren't effective. the state of content moderation and what needs to be done to strengthen these systems.

Installing a payphone in my house

Bertrand Fan

This excellent blog post chronicles how a game of cat-and-mouse setting up ISP service via payphones and fake credit card numbers as a kid created a life-long fondness for old tech.

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