Recently Released Book, the Perfect First Year Teacher by Abraam Abdelnour, Provides Insight for Educators Who Seek to Become Effective Early in Their Careers

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 8, 2022) -  Author and seasoned algebra teacher Abraam Abdelnour continues to support the next generation of educators with his easy-to-understand guide to a complex career, The Perfect First Year Teacher: Simple Strategies that Work. With actionable recommendations and techniques, this insightful book smooths the difficult transition from college or an alternative profession to the classroom.

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The Perfect First Year Teacher is designed with a simple goal in mind: showing young teachers how to step into the world of education with confidence. Too many teachers enter the profession lacking the energy, presence, and self-assurance to succeed in their first roles. Abdelnour empowers new educators to rise above those obstacles by explaining common challenges like tackling disciplinary issues or connecting with students on an individual level. In a field as dynamic as education, The Perfect First Year Teacher is a lifeline that allows newcomers to study best practices before being on the spot at the front of the classroom.

The Perfect First Year Teacher addresses a variety of essential skill sets to comment on everything from personality traits to writing lesson plans. With simple language and a conversational style, Abdelnour's work has the cozy tone of a one-on-one chat with a trusted mentor.

Although intended for teachers, many of the strategies in The Perfect First Year Teacher can be applied to other industries as well. Readers from a diverse range of backgrounds appreciate Abdelnour's insights, with one reviewer stating, "I found a lot of the advice given can apply in a management setting too."

As teacher burnout and staffing shortages continue to destabilize education in the United States, The Perfect First Year Teacher is an especially timely resource for any incoming teacher.

The Perfect First Year Teacher: Simple Strategies that Work is available for purchase on and Goodreads.

Abraam Abdelnour is an algebra teacher and author with a passion for uplifting new teachers who are entering the field for the first time. After completing his bachelor's degree in computer science at Rutgers University, he was later drawn to education and reskilled by completing a master's program at the American College of Education. Abdelnour writes and teaches in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Visit to access more of his educational materials, visit his blog at or follow him on Instagram @You_Learning_Math.

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