Rebecca Hall is horrified to see a face from her past in Resurrection trailer

Rebecca Hall is horrified to see a face from her past in Resurrection trailer

In writer-director Andrew Semans' Resurrection (in theaters July 29 and on-demand Aug. 5), Rebecca Hall portrays a woman who is horrified to encounter an unwelcome shadow from her past. "There is something very particularly rigorous about her, almost to the point of being obsessive," says the American-British actress, "and you are forced to be with her while something from her past potentially unravels her."

Judging by the film's new trailer, that "something" is embodied by Reservoir Dogs and The Incredible Hulk actor Tim Roth.

"The power of their past forces a very significant affect on her," says Hall. "In modern language, we'd say it triggers her into immediately having a panic attack. So he is a very powerful character and you don't really know why for some time."


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Although the film is set in the U.S., both Hall and Roth play British characters.

"I had convinced Andrew, the director, to let me play the part British," says Hall. "Originally, it was written American [but] I said to him, 'Why not? Why couldn't she be British living in America? I mean, she's running away from something, doesn't it make sense to live in a different country?' Which then, of course, allowed for this possibility, when we found out it was Tim [playing the other role], for him to be British too. Both of us are so used to playing Americans. I mean, I'm half-American, so in a way it's easy for me, and I live here, but it's kind of nice to do it in your own voice from time to time. So we felt like two Brits in an American movie about British people, which is odd but felt very fun."

Hall describes the film's shoot as fast and intense — "probably one of the more intense things I've ever done," she adds. "It was very physically demanding, but it was also very challenging as an actor. There's a seven-minute monologue in the middle of it. It was very intense but very rewarding, which I hope is the experience of [watching the] movie."

Resurrection's cast also includes Grace Kaufman, Michael Esper and Angela Wong Carbone. Exclusively watch the film's trailer above.

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