Realtor’s Tour of the 'Tiniest' Apartment in New York Sparks Outrage: 'Should Be Illegal'

Omer Labock of Douglas Elliman shared an inside look at the $1,200-a-month rental in an Instagram Reel on Monday

<p>Omer Labock/ Instagram</p> Realtor Omer Labock in the apartment (left) split with the view from the rental (right).

Omer Labock/ Instagram

Realtor Omer Labock in the apartment (left) split with the view from the rental (right).
  • A Douglas Elliman realtor gave a tour of what he dubbed the “tiniest” apartment in New York City in an Instagram Reel on Monday

  • The rental, located in Midtown Manhattan, costs $1,200 per month and doesn’t include a kitchen or bathroom 

  • Instagram users flocked to the comments to voice their opinions on how an apartment that small should be “illegal”

A realtor is causing a frenzy on social media after giving a tour of one of the “tiniest” apartments in New York City.

In an Instagram Reel shared by Omer Labock of Douglas Elliman on Monday, the realtor brings users on a tour of the microscopic space that costs $1,200 per month to rent

Standing outside of the building in Midtown Manhattan, Labock starts out by saying, “The tiniest apartment in Manhattan can be found in this building so let’s check this out, it’s really nuts.

Once he opens the door to the third floor rental, he reveals a small, empty room with a wardrobe that’s “probably from Ikea,” he adds in another clip, and a single window overlooking the fire escape and other buildings. “Yes, this is the entire thing — you cannot make this up.”

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He then props his phone up to capture the entire space (notably missing a bathroom or kitchen) before spreading his arms out to touch both walls.

“I’m not the biggest dude but I can almost touch both sides here. I think we can consider this the absolute smallest apartment in Manhattan and the total rent is $1,200 a month,” he says.

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<p>Omer Labock/ Instagram</p> The communal bathroom.

Omer Labock/ Instagram

The communal bathroom.

The realtor continues, “Now you’re probably wondering where the bathroom is. You have to make your way outside of the apartment and into this shared space.”

He then walks down a hallway and passes another apartment before unveiling the communal bathroom. It’s equipped with the basics — a sink, toilet and shower.

“Would you live here?” Labock asks in the caption.

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<p>Omer Labock/ Instagram</p> The added closet in the space.

Omer Labock/ Instagram

The added closet in the space.

Users were quick to share their opinions in the comments, with multiple people asking how a space this tiny can even be allowed on the market.

“This should be illegal. What bed is going in here? Why is it 1200? This is depressing,” one person asked, while another joked, “Calling 911 as we speak.”

One person suggested that it looks like they “turned the utility closet into a scam apartment,” followed by another user comparing it to “a locker.”

Without a kitchen to cook meals, one person noted that the added cost of having to order food all the time would make it even more expensive than advertised.

<p>Omer Labock/ Instagram</p> Labock was able to touch both walls during his tour.

Omer Labock/ Instagram

Labock was able to touch both walls during his tour.

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According to New York’s Multiple Dwelling Law, a room in an apartment must be at least 80 square feet and have eight-foot ceilings to be considered legal. While Labock could not confirm the exact dimensions of the apartment, he tells PEOPLE that it’s about the size of a “small standard room.”

He adds, “I actually see apartments like this as awesome opportunities for people to get their foot in the door in Manhattan as rent prices are so crazy here.”

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