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‘It really is the job market, it’s not you’: Woman breaks down her ‘terrifying’ job search statistics

People are continuing to share crazy job-hunting stories on TikTok, and many are seriously eye-opening.

The latest to go viral comes from Samantha (@samsramblings), who hopes to spread an important message to other unemployed workers currently feeling discouraged: If you don’t have a job yet, it’s not your fault.

“I have some statistics that everybody needs to hear,” Samantha tells her followers at the start of the clip, “because it really is the job market, it’s not you.”

She then explains how the past four and a half months have been spent diligently filling out job applications and going through many grueling interviews. In fact, she’s been so dedicated to the process that the marketing and PR professional has applied to a total of 1,800 jobs and interviewed for about 430 of them (or 24%).

Percentage-wise, that doesn’t sound too bad. But here’s the kicker: She later learned that out of the 430 jobs she went through the trouble of interviewing for, roughly 120 were frozen. In other words, those positions weren’t really available after all, as the companies were ultimately put on hiring freezes.

“That’s f****** terrifying,” Samantha said, adding that she was “pretty much interviewing for no reason.”

When you consider the amount of time and effort this took, it’s pretty demoralizing.

“The average interview process from start to offer is four and a half weeks,” the TikToker continued. “It’s been four and a half months — think about that.

“So, as you are going through this, it really is the job market,” she reminds people. “We are oversaturated, there’s a lot of talent that’s been let go [and] there’s a lot of options.”

“Companies also just suck,” Samantha added, noting that many managers just don’t know how to hire. “So just keep that in mind; there are really just things that you can’t control.”

Samantha’s job search has become so frustrating that she regularly shares updates with followers about where she is in the process. In fact, this video is only one of many in a running series she now calls “WTF Is the Job Market?!”

Her videos have racked up thousands of views and comments, mostly from people who’ve found themselves in the same boat.

“I feel this in my core!” one person wrote in response to her latest clip.

“The job market is AWFUL,” someone else agreed. “Especially companies that [string] you along for over a month. I went on 6 different interviews for 1 company. SIX!”

“It’s like the same challenge we see on dating apps but in jobs,” another person commented. “Too much choice. Not enough desire to commit on the corporate side.”

Others simply couldn’t get over the sheer amount of hoops Samantha had jumped through.

“The thought of 430 interviews makes me nauseous,” one person admitted.

But although the TikToker has clearly been put through the wringer, she still remains hopeful that she’ll eventually land the right gig. In the meantime, she’s sharing tips and tricks she’s learned along the way and encouraging her followers to keep going, too — no matter what.

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