Get Ready for June's New Moon in Cancer

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Cancer season kicks off with a new moon arriving in the sign of the crab on June 28. Known as the sensitive and emotional one of the zodiac, Cancers are also famous for being big dreamers. Using their preference for introspection and solitude, the water sign’s new moon will encourage you to look towards the next cosmic chapter with excitement.

The intense start to the lunar cycle also coincides with Jupiter’s current resting place in fiery and headstrong Aries. Forming a square with the planet only amplifies the effects of the new moon, so brace yourself. Now is the perfect time to dive into a spiritual self-care practice, clearing your energy for what’s to come over the next few weeks.

Keep reading for your zodiac sign’s horoscope for the upcoming Cancer new moon.


As la luna falls in your fourth house of home and family, create a new moon ritual that allows you to take stock of your domestic environment. Use this as an opportunity to declutter and remove anything from your space that is no longer serving you. Feel free to use this approach with the people you allow in your home as well and pay close attention to your social circle.


The Cancer new moon calls the bull of the zodiac to focus on finding and using your voice as it rests in your third house of communication. Incorporate journaling into your nighttime routine and see what comes up. Address any repeating unresolved issues and ask yourself what inner self-limiting beliefs are holding you back. Listen to how you’re talking to yourself.


Given the current economy, it’s understandable if finances are a current worry. The celestial planet rests in the twins’ second house of income as the month closes out, encouraging the multi-faceted sign to be proactive, as well as to be willing to name and assert your worth. Now is not the time to underestimate yourself as you want to be able to use your many skills to secure the bag.


As the new moon is in your sign, its latest cycle resides in your first house of identity. Use this time to use all of the kind and wholesome Care Bear-esque energy you radiate towards others, for yourself. As the de facto “mom friend” of the group, it’s natural for you to want to take care of others, but you can’t pour from an empty cup.


Always the center of the party, this month’s latest lunar cycle invites the lion of the zodiac to look inward as the moon falls in its twelfth house of the subconscious. Planning a solo date and taking the time to get to know yourself would be the perfect new moon activity.


Lying in your eleventh house of networking, June’s Cancer moon urges the ever-practical sign to build up its support group. You thrive in intimate settings rather than large groups, so reflect on the relationships that are energy givers rather than energy drainers. It’s important to create a chosen family that you can grow with in the future.


Situated in your tenth house of reputation, the new moon asks you to think about the legacy you want to leave behind. Rather than falling back on traditional metrics of success, take the opportunity to write your own narrative and lay out a road map that allows you to experience the freedom of choosing your path.


Taking up space in your ninth house of travel and higher wisdom, get inspired by the watery Cancer moon and chart out uncharted locations you may want to explore in the coming months. It may not have to be a far-flung island, but a simple change of scenery can help unlock new mental terrains, providing a fresh mindset.


June’s new moon falls in the Sagittarius’ eighth house of karma, encouraging the fire sign to tackle any repressed memories or experiences head-on in order to give yourself a brand new start. Doing dark shadow work and addressing the less than savory parts of your history will allow you to unload any psychic burdens, giving you room to grow as you’re no longer holding on to the past. It may feel tricky, so absolutely go at your own pace.


Resting in your seventh house of partnership, this current cycle of the moon provides the perfect opportunity to dig deep and think about what you want in a companion. Given that we’re in a supposed “sex recession,” it may be the ideal time to be honest with yourself about your needs and the kind of relationship that would best serve you.


Sitting in the water sign’s sixth house of health, the new moon gives you the chance to start a new wellness routine or get out of that summer slump. Taking it slow and integrating mindful as well as practical habits will help you feel your best, ultimately giving you the foundation you need to pursue your goals.


The new moon shines in the fish’s fifth house of creativity, offering the fellow emotional sign the cosmic push to explore its artistic side. Channel your emotions through your favorite medium or make a Pinterest board if you’re more visually inclined. Seeing aesthetically pleasing portrayals of your hopes can give you the extra push you need.

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