Get ready for ‘banana ball’: Savannah Bananas exhibition baseball team is coming to KCK

Hunter D. Cone/Courtesy of the Kansas City Monarchs

The TikTok famous Savannah Bananas announced its 2023 World Tour, and the team is making a stop in Kansas City, Kansas.

The baseball circus is known for its skits, dancings and fast-pitches and will bring that same jovial spirit to KCK on May 5 and 6 at the Legends Field. The Savannah Banana squad will be playing against Kansas City’s own Monarchs.

There is a waitlist to purchase tickets. However the team’s website is currently down, so fans will have to wait to get in line for their tickets. To check to see if the waitlist is available, check here.

@thesavbananas The 2023 Banana Ball World Tour schedule is here! What city are you most excited for us to play in? #savannahbananas #bananaball #worldtour #fy #viral #baseball ♬ original sound - thesavbananas

What is a Bananas game like?

The Savannah, Georgia based baseball team is known for its exhibition games and its viral highlight videos on TikTok. Founded in 2016, the team now has more than 3 million followers and a dedicated fan-base nationwide.

The team is a member of the Coastal Plain League. Although they are technically a baseball team, they are known for playing their own version of the game, called banana ball. The rules for banana ball are slightly different from traditional baseball.

For example, there is a two hour limit. There is no bunting, stepping out and no walks. Batters can also steal the ball first, and if a fan catches a foul ball, it’s an out.

Also, every inning counts. If a team wins the inning, they get a point, and the team with the most points wins.

When not playing the Monarchs, the team often plays against opposing banana ball players known as the Party Animals, or other professional minor league teams who are interested in the game, according to Savannah Morning News.

The team is known for packing stadiums, and this 2023 tour will be one of the team’s biggest tours yet, with a total of 70 games across 33 cities on the schedule.

Here’s a glimpse of what the Savannah Bananas will bring to KCK in 2023.