'Reacher' Is Ready For Revenge

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'Reacher' Is Ready For RevengePrime Video

Reacher fans may have had a peaceful time celebrating the new year, but Jack Reacher can't catch a break. The retired military operative is trying to find out who murdered his old army buddy in season 2 of the hit Amazon Prime Video series, Reacher, before the mysterious killer strikes again.

In the latest episode, "The Man Goes Through," Reacher momentarily surrenders to this season's villain (don't worry, we won't spoil who it is here!), and prepares himself for the final fight. Though he's gathered enough leads and stacked enough bodies to reach the end, things are still rarely as they seem in the hit Amazon series. The killers even opened fire at a funeral in episode 5! No respect. Now, Reacher has only one episode left to sort this mess out.

Even though it premiered late in 2023, Prime Video announced via Deadline that Reacher is their most-watched show of the year. Season 1 accumulated over 1.84 billion streams back in 2022, and Prime Video reports that the first three-day viewing window already performed better than the first season. If you’re curious about Reacher’s fate, you'll also find a streaming guide for the rest of the season below.

Where Is Reacher Steaming?

Reacher is available to watch exclusively on Prime Video. The entirety of season 1 is ready for you to enjoy, as well as every episode of season 2 leading up the finale.

When Does the Next Episode of Reacher Debut?

Prime Video rolled out season 2 of Reacher in multiple parts. If you're still catching up, you can luckily binge all of the remaining episodes before Friday's finale, "Fly Boy." Check out the release schedule below.

Episode 1: "ATM" — December 15, 2023

Episode 2: "What Happens in Atlantic City" — December 15, 2023

Episode 3: "Picture Says a Thousand Words" — December 15, 2023

Episode 4: "A Night at the Symphony" — December 22, 2023

Episode 5: "Burial" — December 29, 2023

Episode 6: "New York's Finest" — January 5, 2024

Episode 7: "The Man Goes Through" — January 12, 2024

Episode 8: "Fly Boy" — January 19, 2024

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