Here's how the Raptors defeated the Warriors to win their first title ever

Arun Srinivasan
Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry is off to an excellent start to Game 6, trying to lead the team to their first championship in franchise history. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions for the first time in franchise history, defeating the Golden State Warriors 114-110.

Here’s how it happened.

4th quarter

Leonard gets fouled by Iguodala and the refs are determining if there’s time left on the clock. He gets the first to fall, and the second. 114-110 Raptors

With the ball caroming off the rim from a Curry missed three and in a frantic attempt to secure the ball, Draymond Green calls a timeout which the Warriors didn’t have. The refs are reviewing it but uphold the call. Leonard sinks the technical free throw. 112-110 Raptors, 0.9 seconds remaining.

The Raptors turn the ball over carelessly as Green is hounded by Draymond, then tosses it away in an attempt to find Siakam. 9.6 seconds remaining

Raptors call their final timeout with 18.5 seconds remaining. 111-110 Raptors

Siakam gets a floater to fall. 111-108 Raptors

109-108 Raptors, 37.7 seconds remaining

Lowry gets called for his fifth foul while trying to stop Cousins inside, sending Golden State’s center to the line. Cousins misses the first but gets the second. 1:22 to go. 109-106 Raptors

Lowry gets an impossible step-back to fall, but Draymond responds with a three. Siakam gets to the line, misses the first, but gets the second to fall. 109-105 Raptors

Ibaka comes up with a huge offensive rebound off a missed three and gets it to fall. 106-101 Raptors

VanVleet’s fourth quarter might be something we all remember, draining another three to take the lead. He’s up to 12 points in the quarter. 104-101 Raptors

Iguodala gets a bucket to fall, and after Lowry appears to tie Draymond up, the Raptors take off in transition, which eventually leads to Gasol getting to the line. He gets both free throws to fall.

Lowry finds Siakam inside for a layup but Curry responds with a bucket of his own. After Gasol comes up with a huge offensive rebound, VanVleet is fouled by Livingston while shooting, and the game is tied again. 99-99

VanVleet gets a huge three to fall, but Draymond tips the ball in for a quick bucket, and after Lowry loses the ball, Livingston sprints ahead for an uncontested dunk, as Kawhi and Siakam both appeared weary to take a foul. Nick Nurse calls a timeout. 97-94 Warriors

VanVleet hits a huge three to tie the game up. Klay Thompson is out for the rest of game with a left knee injury. 91-91

Lowry picks off a long pass from the Warriors, which sets up an Ibaka floater. VanVleet fouls Draymond in transition, and is Ibaka is taken off. 91-88 Warriors

Ibaka misses a jumper, and fouls Cousins on the other end, sending him to the line. He misses the first, but gets the second. 89-86 Warriors

3rd quarter

Lowry gets a layup in transition, and after a frantic sequence, the Raptors have a chance to tip in multiple offensive rebounds. Leonard tries to get a buzzer-beater up but it doesn’t count. This is going to be one crazy fourth quarter. 88-86 Warriors

Iguodala is playing like a former Finals MVP and sinks another three. Lowry gets to the line and misses his first free throw, which sends Oracle Arena into a frenzy. He sinks the second, however. 88-84 Warriors

A common foul is called on Danny Green, and Thompson returns from the tunnel to shoot his free throws, hitting them both. 85-80 Warriors

Thompson takes off in transition, and is fouled hard by Danny Green. He’s down on the court well after the play ends and is going to the locker room.

Lowry is back into the game, playing with four fouls.

Leonard cuts to the rim, draws contact from Thompson and gets the bucket and the foul. Thompson has three fouls now. Kawhi sinks the ensuing free throw. On the next possession, Thompson hits another open three 83-79 Warriors

Thompson hits a three in perfect form to tie the game up, and Iguodala continues his huge game, hitting a floater. 78-76 Warriors

Lowry appears to come down with a massive chase down block but is instead called for his fourth foul of the game. Iguodala misses both free throws, and then Siakam gets a bank shot to fall. 74-70 Raptors

Leonard steps into a three, and then VanVleet gets fouled by Curry, who is called for his third foul of the game. The board man gets paid too, driving to the rim and completing an and-1 opportunity. 72-66 Raptors

Curry misses an open look for three, and VanVleet responds with a quick jumper. Thompson misses a three, and Curry began to limp for a second, before returning to full speed. Leonard misses a jumper, and on the ensuing possession, Lowry gets called for his third foul, then Thompson rises up for a jumper. Siakam gets a bucket to fall, but Curry responds with a three. 64-62 Raptors

2nd quarter

Lowry leads all scorers with 21 points, while Siakam has 13 and Leonard put up nine. Thompson is carrying the Warriors with 18 of his own.

Lowry might be having the best half of his career, getting another bucket. He attempts another heat check three which misses, Curry tries a shot from well beyond halfcourt which falls perilously close to end the half. 60-57 Raptors

Curry finds Iguodala with a perfect cross court pass to set up a three, but Lowry gets a floater to fall, and he’s up to 19 points. After the Raptors get a defensive rebound, they take off in transition, Siakam gets stuffed at the rim, but Leonard gets the ensuing rebound, scores and gets fouled, hitting the ensuing free throw. Kawhi gets called for third foul, however, trying to close out Thompson. Thompson sinks all three free throws. 58-57 Raptors

Gasol fouls Thompson on a three-point attempt, and one of the most dangerous shooters in league history calmly deposits all three free throws. Ibaka gets a floater to fall, to tie it up again. After the Warriors miss a shoot, Ibaka finds Siakam on a perfect feed to set up a layup, but Draymond responds immediately with a basket of his own. Ibaka then gets another dunk. 53-51 Raptors

Leonard gets a jumper to fall. And Gasol finally gets a huge stop, which leads to a Siakam driving layup in transition. 47-46 Raptors

Gasol is notably struggling and needs to be able to force the Warriors into some key defensive stops. His rim protection hasn’t really been there either.

Curry gets a push shot to fall, and it’s a one-point game. The Raptors have gone close to three minutes without scoring, and need to get a quick bucket soon. Gasol throws the ball away, and Draymond tosses an alley-oop to Looney. Raptors call a much-needed timeout, as the lead has evaporated. 44-43 Warriors

Lowry is clutching his side but is playing through it after Ibaka gets a layup to fall. Cousins responds with a bucket inside and has been a menace inside. However, Siakam gets a corner three to fall. This is a heavyweight fight. VanVleet drains a three and the Warriors call a timeout. 43-38 Raptors

Lowry gets to the line and sinks both free throws. Shaun Livingston counters with a bucket in the paint. 35-34 Raptors

1st quarter

Lowry responds with another three, but Steph Curry gets one to fall. Ibaka hits a mid-range jumper, with both teams trading punches. After Curry misses a floater off the glass, the Raptors push it in transition and Kawhi gets a mid-range jumper to fall. 33-32 Raptors

DeMarcus Cousins has almost singlehandedly steered the Warriors back into the lead, and is beating up the Raptors inside the paint. 27-26 Warriors

Thompson isn’t messing around at all and hits a three, but Fred VanVleet responds immediately with one of his own. Marc Gasol sprints down the lane and gets fouled by Alfonzo McKinnie en route to the basket, while McKinnie fails to draw the charge. Gasol gets one of two free throws to fall. 26-22 Raptors

Lowry finds Siakam for an alley-oop in transition off a missed Draymond pass. Klay Thompson responds with a three, however, and it’s a four-point lead. 19-15 Raptors

Siakam drains a corner three, then another three from dead center. He finally misses from beyond the arc, however, and Iguodala gets a floater to fall on the next possession. 17-10 Raptors

SKevon Looney responds with an uncontested dunk. Lowry hits ANOTHER three, and he has all 11 points for the Raptors thus far. However, Andre Iguodala hits a circus shot and gets fouled. 11-4 Raptors

Kyle Lowry attacks the rim on the opening possession, driving for a layup and we’re underway. After the Raptors force a turnover, Lowry steps into a three and drills it. And it really is Kyle Lowry Over Everything, as he hits another three. It’s 8-0 Raptors.


Sarah McLachlan sang O Canada before the game, and the Raptors are ready to go.

Not only is Looney playing, he’ll get the start tonight for Golden State.

Warriors center Kevon Looney will play, despite being earlier ruled out of the series with a collarbone injury. Looney appeared to re-aggravate the ailment during Game 5 but is back again for the Warriors in this elimination game.

Raptors head coach Nick Nurse explained why Pascal Siakam didn’t close out Game 5.

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