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Random men stand outside this woman’s car, pretending it’s theirs: ‘It’s a Tesla, right? Do the fart honk lol’

One TikTok user found herself in a predicament after random men congregated outside her car, pretending it was their own.

Brooke (@brookelaynes) posted a video of herself sitting in the driver’s seat of her car while this happened.

“Guys, there are a bunch of guys behind me who are acting like this is their car,” she says. “My windows are completely tinted. Like, you can’t see [in] at all. They’re acting like this is their car anytime someone walks by. And they don’t know that I’m inside it.”

“That’s so embarrassing,” she adds. “Like they’re leaning on the car and keep acting like it’s theirs. I don’t know what to do.”


After just one day of posting, Brooke’s video has 5.4 million views and 1.1 million likes. TikTok users were quick to offer advice on the peculiar situation.

“It’s a Tesla, right? Do the fart honk lol,” someone suggested.

“‘hey, if you guys are done trying to look important, I really need to head out now,'” another said.

“REVERSE IT AND PLAY A CARDI B SONG,” one user replied.

Brooke then posted a follow-up video detailing what she ended up doing — or not doing.

“Guys, I am so sad to say that I did not do anything,” she says. “By the time I had posted that TikTok, they had left, and I didn’t have time to be motivated by all the intrusive thoughts you guys have of what I should’ve done.”

In the latter half of the video, Brooke goes on a solo date, the first of a 30-day challenge, to become more comfortable with herself.

“But that brings me back to the whole point of this video,” she says. “I need to get over this social anxiety that I have.”

“I love how you took that event to improve”

Some commenters are praising Brooke for turning the encounter into a positive learning experience, while others are still concerned about her well-being.

“What if they put a AIR TAG ON YOUR CAR? You need to check asap!!” one user said.

“You go girl! Doing stuff by yourself is so nice!” another said.

“I love how you took that event to improve,” someone replied.

It’s not every day random men lean on your car and pretend it’s theirs. All things considered, Brooke handled the potentially confrontational situation pretty well.

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