Rams and Chargers combined attendance totals are fewer than USC game

It was a rough day for professional football in Los Angeles. Not only did both the Rams and Chargers lose a pair of close games, but attendance for both teams was embarrassingly low.

It seemed as if Rams quarterback Jared Goff didn’t get much of a home crowd boost on Sunday against the Redskins. (Getty Images)

The Rams, playing in the cavernous L.A. Coliseum, drew just 56,612 people to their game against Washington. The Chargers meanwhile, playing in the 27,000-seat StubHub Center in nearby Carson, had a measly 25,381 patrons watch their loss against Miami. The combined attendance for the Rams and Chargers was 81,993. These numbers are especially low considering that on Saturday night, the USC-Texas game – also played in the Coliseum – had 84,714 fans.

The Rams, to be sure, should start getting used to empty seats. During last week’s home win against the Colts, the official paid attendance was 60,128, though there were far fewer people who showed up.

It’s not entirely bleak for either organization though: The Coliseum and StubHub Center are only temporary homes. In 2020 though, both the Rams and Chargers will share the under-construction Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park.

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