Raleigh mom gives birth on flight from Mexico after holding contractions for hours

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A new mom gave birth on a flight home to North Carolina after her water broke while in the air.

Liliana Castaneda and her husband Edgar Acevedo, from Raleigh, were on a flight headed home from Mexico on Sunday, Nov. 14, when her water broke about an hour into the trip, Storyful reported.

A nurse on the flight took care of Castaneda for hours until the plane could land at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia, according to a Nov. 24 Facebook post from the city of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department.

Castaneda said in a video posted to Facebook and shared by Storyful on Tuesday, Nov. 30, that she was told not to try to push any more because if she did the baby will “come out.”

“So I held those contractions for the 3 hours and 30 minutes,” she said in the video.

Once the plane landed at the Atlanta airport, Delta staff called 911, officials said. Emergency responders boarded the plane and found Castaneda “lying on the floor in the very rear of the plane.”

“After an inspection, personnel decided to deliver the baby on Delta Flight 1804,” officials said. “After one push, Liliana gave birth to her first child, Analia.”

A flight attendant then “got on the microphone” and announced the baby girl was born, an official said in the video.

“It was a special occasion,” the official said.

Officials said Castaneda and Analia were healthy and expected to return home to North Carolina that day.

“Congratulations to the proud parents on their bundle of joy, and welcome to the newest member of our ATL flight club,” the Atlanta airport posted on Facebook.

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