RAF Typhoons bomb Islamic State terrorists firing on Iraqi troops

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A pair of RAF Typhoons have successfully bombed a group of so-called Islamic State fighters in Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said Iraqi security forces had come under heavy small arms fire from the terrorists on May 11.

After encountering the group in a strong defensive position around 25 miles south west of the city of Mosul, Iraqi troops requested air support from the global coalition.

The MoD said a pair of RAF Typhoon FGR4s responded promptly and attacked the terrorists with two Paveway IV precision guided bombs.

The bombs hit the target and eliminated a number of IS fighters.

Following the air strike, Iraqi forces were then able to carry out an assault and overwhelm the few remaining terrorists, the MoD added.

The air strikes follow a 10-day operation in March in which missiles and bombs helped to clear an IS stronghold in the Makhmur mountain region, south-west of Erbil in northern Iraq.

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