Rachel Maddow Nails Hypocrisy Of GOP, Newt Gingrich's New Case Against Impeachment

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday demolished a new argument that Republicans and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) are putting forward against the impeachment of President Donald Trump  by issuing a stark reminder of their actions during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

Gingrich this week on Fox News suggested the impeachment process against Trump should not be taking place because it is the holidays. “And really, on the eve of Christmas it is really sad to see the dishonesty and the partisanship that the House Democrats are displaying,” he argued.

Maddow sarcastically responded:

On the eve of Christmas? It is Christmastime you guys, which is no time for an impeachment. I mean, any other time of the year this might be OK, but not, what is it, it’s 19 days before Christmas. This is the new objection, if there’s one rule that all Americans should be able to agree on, or Republicans at least have the decency to adhere to, it’s the rule that you don’t pursue impeachment proceedings against an American president in the holiday season, not while the Yule log burns in the hearth, not while the sleigh bells ring, not while people are decorating their Christmas trees. It’s just against the rules.

Maddow then reminded viewers how it was House Republicans and Gingrich who, in December 1998, released the draft articles of impeachment against Clinton as he was “in the act of lighting the national Christmas tree.”

The then-GOP-controlled House voted on the impeachment on Dec. 19, the timing of which “the Republican Party now believes was just unconscionable,” Maddow concluded.

Check out the segment above.

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