Raccoon chews through California roof and gets stuck, butt in air. See the wild photo

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Screengrab from Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter

A raccoon climbed to the roof of a California home and started chewing.

The critter didn’t stop until it had gnawed a hole through the roof of the Santa Cruz home on Monday, May 23, the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter posted on Facebook.

It was stuck with half of its body through the hole and its butt in the air, a photo posted by the shelter shows.

The people who live in the home were concerned about the raccoon. They called local Wildlife Emergency Services to help.

“Knowing that time was critical, they instructed the citizen how to push the raccoon through the hole so it wouldn’t suffocate,” the animal shelter said on Facebook.

The person’s quick actions may have saved the raccoon. It survived and was reunited with its babies, the animal shelter said.

“Wildlife Emergency Services will help the citizens to set up a repellant barrier to safely and humanely have mama and her kids move along to a more appropriate home,” the shelter said. “We always love a happy ending.”

Raccoons can make a den “just about anywhere in your house,” The Humane Society of the United States said on its website.

The animals are commonly found in people’s chimneys and attics. They can gnaw their way down walls and get stuck in attics.

In rare cases, raccoons have been known to chew on wires.

People who find raccoons in their homes should never trap or relocate the family on their own, the Humane Society said. That can lead to the young raccoons to become separated from their mother.

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