Quick! This Summer-Ready Linen Bedding Is Up to 50% Off Thanks to a Rare Sale

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Save on robes, pillowcases, tablecloths, and more.



I’m a linen bedding aficionado. While I’ve tried and adored all sorts of sheets from eucalyptus to bamboo to cotton, I always go back to my first love. The gently rumpled texture always looks effortlessly gorgeous, the material is warm enough for winter yet cool enough for my summers, and I relish the texture against my skin. Especially as temperatures start to climb, swapping heavier cold-weather bedding for its linen counterparts during my spring cleaning routine is an appealing way to start the season.

In my hunt for the perfect linen sheets, I’ve often stumbled upon Cultiver’s European-style flax linen bedding—and today, as the brand slashes prices up to 50 percent off many of its home goods in an archive sale, I’m more tempted than ever to start adding everything to my cart.

Here are 7 picks we’re drooling over from the sale, from linen tablecloths just begging to host a dinner party to an effortlessly beautiful linen robe to (of course) the bedding that boosted Cultiver to home goods fame.

7 Picks We’re Eyeing from the Cultiver Archive Sale

  1. Frankie Linen Bag, $43 (was $85)

  2. Linen Waffle Robe, $48 (was $95)

  3. Linen Table Cloth, $73 (was $145)

  4. Estela Linen Waffle Throw, $95 (was $190)

  5. Set of 2 Linen Euro Pillowcases, $45 (was $90)

  6. Denim Bath Mat, $18 (was $35)

  7. Hana Linen Dress, $35 (was $70)



Frankie Linen Bag

‘Tis the season for farmers’ markets and beach trips. Enter: your go-to tote (with plenty of room.) This large linen bag is heavyweight—and thus supportive enough for your fruits or paperbacks—and features an internal zip pocket and double-thickness straps.

To buy: $43 (was $85); cultiver.com.



Linen Waffle Robe

A lightweight robe is a comfort throughout the seasons. Whether you’re lounging the day away on the couch, use a linen wrap as a coverup when you’re desperate to escape the heat (but still need to garb up to answer the doorbell), or indulge in a little spa hour, this breezy waffle robe will do you a whole lot of good. Each of Cultiver’s linen products is made from 100 percent OEKO-TEX certified flax linen, lending the fabric an appealing yet gentle texture.

To buy: $48 (was $95); cultiver.com.



Linen Table Cloth

An elegant tablescape always comes in handy. From summer soirées to the holidays ahead, the attractively rumpled fabric always looks stylish—and because it’s meant to look wrinkled, you never have to worry about ironing the table cloth before a function again! Just add candles, dinnerware, a home-cooked meal, and a bottle of wine, and you’re good to go for parties that sparkle until late in the evening.

To buy: $73 (was $145); cultiver.com.



Estela Linen Waffle Throw

I personally adore the weight and comfort of a chunky blanket, but when May hits and that energy bill gets a little bit higher, something’s gotta give. In that case, I love opting for a linen waffle throw like this one from Cultiver: thin and airy enough to keep you cool, but still with that appealing feel draped over your legs (or the end of the bed.) Like most in this sale, the throw’s 50 percent off—and sitting in my cart.

To buy: $95 (was $190); cultiver.com.



Set of 2 Linen Euro Pillowcases

And now for the main event! For a European-inspired brand that specializes in bedding, use the rare archive sale opportunity to score some pillow covers for the bed—whether you’re building a set from scratch or matching to existing sheets, duvets, and pillows. You’ll get two shams with your purchase.

To buy: $45 (was $90); cultiver.com.



Denim Bath Mat

Planning on being in and out of pools, lakes, and other bodies of water all summer? First of all, we’re jealous. Secondly, you may want to look at snagging another bath mat, as your existing one will start to look raggedy. This washed blue uses a cotton blend containing recycled denim fibers, and has a chic lining. It’s both quick drying and soft on sensitive skin.

To buy: $18 (was $35); cultiver.com.



Hana Linen Dress

Linen clothing is such a godsend during the summertime. It looks immediately elegant, but is deceptively comfortable. This relaxed-fit tank dress is ideal for those “no shoes, no shirt” places you need to go into—but when you also want something breathable and odor resistant that gives you that “wearing nothing” feeling. You can throw on this natural sleeveless shift over a swimsuit, to dinner, to errands and more.

To buy: $35 (was $70); cultiver.com.

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