Questions Raised on Google by EU, Targets Data Use & Ad Practices

The Quint
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As per a report by Bloomberg, the European Union has given confirmation about the questionnaire sent to industry players to seek information about Google’s data-collection and advertising practices.

EU’s antitrust regulators told Bloomberg that the move comes “in the context of the commission investigation of the way in which Google collects and uses data. This investigation covers all services of Google, including digital advertising and the ad tech chain.”

According to the report, competition agencies all over the world have intensified scrutiny on how big tech companies use people’s information and how big businesses further use it.

The European Union has been scrutinising Google’s data practices since 2019. It is also analysing how Amazon Inc uses competitors’ data. Last month, EU cleared Google’s Fitbit health tracker with conditions.

Bloomberg concluded the report by quoting Google on how it has been engaging with the commission and others on its advertising changes. It said “ad tech helps websites and apps make money and funds high-quality content, also helps our advertising partners, most of whom are small businesses, reach customers and grow their businesses.”

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