Quench Your Body's Thirst With hanni's Splash Salve

Sadly, winter is still upon us and that means our skin is crying out for moisture in the midst of this chilly weather.

Thankfully, skincare brand hanni is putting a stop to ashy season with its ultra-hydrating Splash Salve. Mimicking the deep and rejuvenating moisture a hair mask provides, the whipped in-shower treatment is the key to banishing dry skin.

The luscious formula is designed to be applied to wet skin, saving you the hassle of applying lotion after your daily shower. Splash Salve is rich in nourishing ingredients, like jojoba and shea butter, delivering lasting moisture, while absorbing quickly into the skin. Shea butter soothes an irritated complexion, whereas coconut oil and glycerin are the balm's power duo, protecting the skin from environmental aggressors.

Take a look at hanni's Splash Salve in the gallery above. The new beauty must-have is available on the brand's website for $34 USD.