‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Says He Wasn’t Invited to Antoni Porowski’s Bachelor Party

Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski (Photo credit: Getty Images)

“Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown said his costar Antoni Porowski didn’t send him an invitation to attend his bachelor party. Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness were also left off the guest list.

During a chat with Bravo executive and host of Sirius XM’s “Andy Cohen Live,” Andy Cohen, the reality TV star and personality revealed he seemingly wasn’t wanted at Porowski’s marital event.

“Did you go to Antoni’s bachelor party?” Cohen asked.

“I did not. I wasn’t invited,” Brown replied. “The shade of it all.”

He then went on to say that along with him, his two castmates also weren’t invited to attend.

“No. Bobby was not invited, I was not invited, and Jon Van Ness,” Brown said. “Just Tan [France] was invited. The shade.”

When Cohen mentioned that Berk told him that he was simply unable to make the party, Brown responded by denying Berk’s claim.

“No. Listen, I’m all about being real and being upfront. We weren’t invited,” Brown insisted.

Cohen said he would “assume” that all of the men would, at the very least, be invited to Porowski’s wedding.

“I assume so, but if we were not, I would be OK because people who get married, you understand what it costs per plate and when you have family members doing things,” said Brown, who also let it be known that he planned not to invite Porowski to his wedding.

Porowski posted photos from his celebratory moment on Instagram. In the shots you can see celeb guests, including fashion model Gigi Hadid and composer and lyricst Benji Pasek. Porowski captioned the post with “stay in the bag.”

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