Is 'Quasi' Searchlight's next Oscar darling?

Broken Lizard makes the case that studio has another 'Black Swan' or 'Nomadland' on their hands.

Video Transcript

- From the studio that brought you "The Shape of Water", "Birdman", "The Tree of Life", "Black Swan", "The Banshees of Inisherin", and "Nomadland" comes the next masterpiece, "Quasi".

- So many incredible things have happened since we saw each other last.

- Let me guess. You rode a dragon to the top of Mount [INAUDIBLE]

- No.

- You 69 a unicorn?

- No.

- You slid down a rainbow into a chocolate river?

- OK.

- Well, there was an orgy?

- OK.

- Doing the Wizards?

- No.


PAUL SOTER: This is like a serious fucking movie.

- Croissant.

- No.

- Come on, croissant.

- No.

STEVE LEMME: It took us 20 years.

- Eat shit.

STEVE LEMME: I think Searchlight realized that we're the one.

- Kill him.

- I have known Orfano my entire life.

- Would it be easier if we got a third guard to come in and kill both of these guys?

- Here we go.

KEVIN HEFFERNAN: This is the ultimate loveable of loser story.

- Quasi's the winner.

ERIK STOLHANSKE: I'd be very surprised if it didn't sweep the Oscars.

- Who wants to see an exorcism?

ADRIANNE PALICKI: What will they not nominate us for?

- I told you that they're in cohesion, but she's clearly shagging the man.

- That's impossible.

- It's very possible.

- Hit that shit, Quasi.

JAY CHANDRASEKHAR: The images are so unique.

- These are depictions of the Pope having sex.

- Oh, [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] is that mud?

- It's not mud.

- Quasi, Quasi, Quasi.


- That is divine.