Quaint ‘beach condo’ lists for $1.1M in ‘Billionaires’ Corner.’ It’s ... a trailer

It’s considered a deal when a residence along the airy seaside shore of Montauk, New York, pops up on the real estate market for a cool $1.1 million – especially in a neighborhood nicknamed “Billionaires’ Corner.”

The catch? It’s a 600-square-foot single-wide trailer.

“Hear the waves breaking from your deck or choose from three different ocean front common decks to enjoy watching the surf and possibly a whale or two breaching,” the listing on The Corcoran Group describes.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom residence’s interior is beach-chic with its breezy color scheme and sunshine-lit rooms..

The Montauk trailer park community has been hopping with the rich, according to The New York Post, which called it “an unusual status symbol for the ultra-wealthy.”

“This is a highly-coveted community and mobile homes in the area regularly trade for $1 million or more,” Daniel Charles, a representative for The Corcoran Group told McClatchy News. “People appreciate the amenities and laid-back vibe.”

The “Billionaires’ Corner” name stems from the fact that it’s been a popular destination for the past couple of years for rich folks looking to escape the city life for the summer, 6sqft.com reported in 2017.

“I know quite a few billionaires here,” Fred Stelle, a resident of Montauk told The New York Post. “The most appealing aspect is the park’s quality of life. It’s a classic throwback to a summer community — relaxed and low-key in a funky way, like what Southern California must have been like in the 1950s, and it’s safe for kids.”

The listing is held by Betsy Cronley.

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