'Psych: The Movie' recap: Two lovable idiots and finally a wedding

Psych: The Movie was USA's holiday gift to fans who've missed the show since it ended more than 3 years ago. And an the overwhelming majority of fans seemed pretty pleased with gift.

A lot happened to beloved detectives, Shawn and Gus, during the three years. They moved the office from Santa Barbara to a basement in San Francisco's Chinatown. Mainly because that's where Gremlins opening scene was filmed and also because Shawn likes wordplay. They named the detective agency Psychphrancisco.

The show brought back many of our favorite characters like Woody the coroner, Shawn's dad Henry, and of course Shawn's fiance Jules.

The main storyline was a little all over the place but who cares? Shawn and Gus reuniting on screen was all that mattered. And they were hilarious.

Shawn and Jules finally got married. And it looks like Gus found the perfect girl, named Selene.

But the best part for fans is that Jules' brother Ewan showed up in the final scene with a wedding gift that may lead to a sequel? The show ended on a cliffhanger as Shawn, Gus, and Ewan fled from a black ops unit who apparently also wanted whatever was inside that wedding gift.