'Proud' green thumb wins Midland Garden of the Year

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If you travel to the end of Seventh Street in Midland, you might just discover a touch of beauty.

Lori Buckley of 736 Victoria St. has been awarded the 2022 Garden of the Year by the Midland Garden Club.

“I feel proud,” said Buckley with a hearty laugh. “It’s exciting that other people can take note of your hard work.”

She learned of winning the prestigious recognition last week, chosen by the Midland Garden Club as the nicest front garden in town. For her efforts, Buckley received a plaque and a year’s membership in the club.

Kay Hawkins, president of the Midland Garden Club, was on hand to celebrate the award along with treasurer Diane Marr.

“Once a year, the Midland Garden Club Board sends out two members to look for noteworthy front gardens,” said Hawkins. “Ideally, they should be planned and worked on by the homeowner.”

Hawkins added that the purpose is three-fold: to encourage people to garden, be it vegetable, flowers, or a mix of both; to acknowledge the work people have put into beautifying their property; and to let people know of the club and encourage them to join.

Added Hawkins: “This year seven other properties have received a door hanger and a note commending them on their efforts.”

When asked if it really was hard work to get the garden to its award-winning status, Buckley replied, “Not at all.”

“I’ve always loved gardening, and my husband Larry is a great gardener as well. He’s the one who helps me move things all around now,” said Buckley.

Further information on joining the Midland Garden Club can be found on their Facebook page.

Derek Howard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, MidlandToday.ca