ProtectED Rooms Officially Launches with Bullet-Resistant Bookcase that Becomes Physical Barricade; Protects People in Violent Events such as Active Shooters and Civil Unrest

Bookcase effortlessly rolls and latches to block entryways creating "a safe room in seconds" in places such as schools, hospitals, workplaces, government buildings and other gathering spaces

ATLANTA & BOSTON, November 30, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ProtectED Rooms ("ProtectED"), creators of bullet-resistant security products to help protect people in violent situations, officially launched today with the introduction of its groundbreaking bookcase. Designed with a focus on protecting school children and staff in an active shooter situation, the impenetrable bookcase easily rolls and locks into place blocking the classroom entryway – with the potential to lock down an entire school in seconds. The Atlanta-based company has expanded with a presence in the Boston area to serve the Northeast region.

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Greg McAleer, a retired senior leader of the U.S. Secret Service currently working as Senior Vice President of Business Operations & Risk Management at Global Guardian commented, "The ProtectED bookcase is a dramatic game changer for schools and other organizations, enabling them to harden buildings and create safe spaces during critical incidents." McAleer continued, "It is a denial of entry tool with ballistic capabilities that prevents access, protects from gunfire, and helps deter or delay an attack. Time is critical and this product provides the precious minutes for law enforcement to respond. The bookcase could not come at a more urgent time."

The protective bookcase can be utilized in other places such as hospitals, workplaces, government buildings, retail locations, places of worship, among others. Notably, because it functions and looks like a conventional bookcase, it blends into an environment avoiding the appearance of militarization that could cause fear and intimidation, especially in schools where learning could be impacted.

"The ProtectED bookcase is an unbelievable, revolutionary option to get people safe quickly," commented Anthony Grieco, Superintendent of Schools, Rockaway Borough School District in New Jersey. "It is unfortunate, but necessary that school safety and security is something we have to discuss on a daily basis as educators. As a father of three and a school administrator of 20 years, I take safety very seriously." He concluded, "The bookshelves give us an advantage in the event of a crisis situation, so we feel, and are, much safer without our students and staff feeling like they’re in a shelter."

ProtectED was founded by Pete Facchini, a retired Master Sergeant of the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment and a school teacher’s husband and father of three. After the tragic massacres at Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, he knew he could apply his expertise as a Special Operations Combat Breacher to develop something that could save lives. Pete enlisted the support of his childhood friend who is an accomplished furniture designer and architect, and two former U.S. Army Infantry Captains and Rangers to help.

"The increase in the numbers of shootings is staggering and tragic," said Facchini. "Resolving this crisis is going to require addressing it on a number of fronts. One of the most harrowing aspects of these situations is that in many cases innocent people have no way to get away from the danger. To the extent that protective measures can be incorporated into places without it feeling like a military facility, is one way to help."

The patent-pending bookcases are proudly, 100% Made in USA, and have been installed in classrooms in Georgia and in New Jersey, with more orders being fulfilled. Sales and distribution for the Northeast region are through Safety in Seconds and W.B. Mason in Massachusetts, and School Outfitters in Ohio.

About ProtectED Rooms

ProtectED Rooms creates bullet-resistant security products to help protect people from violent situations such as active shooters and civil unrest in places such as schools, hospitals, workplaces, among others. Its first product, a groundbreaking bookcase designed with a focus on protecting school children and staff, serves as a physical barricade and ballistic barrier. The bookcase is easily rolled in front of a door and quickly latches into place, covering the entryway – with the potential to lock down a building in seconds. The patent-pending bookcases are proudly, 100% Made in USA, UL Security Listed, UL EPD Certified, and BIFMA Compliant. ProtectED Rooms is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), based in Georgia with an office in Boston.

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