Prosecution, defense rests in Rowland trial. After closing arguments, jury to deliberate

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After more than a week and 31 witnesses, both the prosecution and the defense has rested in the trial of Nathaniel Rowland, who is accused of murdering University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson in the highly publicized “fake Uber” trial.

All that remains in the trial before a verdict is for both sides to make a closing argument.

Josephsonwas killed in March 2019 after getting into a car she mistakenly thought was her Uber ride.

Thus far in the trial, the jury has seen expert testimony from witnesses who have said there was blood found throughout Rowland’s car; the blood in Rowland’s car and the suspected murder weapon almost certainly matched Josephson’s DNA; Rowland’s phone and network records showed Rowland’s black Chevrolet Impala heading from Five Points to where Josephson’s body was found the day after she was killed; the knife wounds found on Josephson were from an unusual type of weapon police found in Rowland’s ex girlfriend’s trash,and Rowland’s ex-girlfriend said she saw him cleaning off the multi tool after he unexpectedly disappeared the night Josephson was killed.

The last witness prosecutors called was Justin Martin, who presented surveillance video from outside businesses in Five Points that showed Josephson getting into a black Chevrolet Impala that matched the description of Rowland’s car.

When the jury returned after lunch, the defense declined to cross-examine Martin, and the prosecution rested its case. the defense declined to put Rowland on the stand and rested its case shortly after.

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