Here’s Proof Blue Ivy Carter Is a “Makeup Guru” at Age 11

Here’s Proof Blue Ivy Carter Is a “Makeup Guru” at Age 11

Blue Ivy Carter has done more than just go on tour with Beyoncé and dance for stadiums full of fans this summer. The talented 11-year-old has also continued to build her makeup skills, which her grandmother (and mother of Beyoncé) Tina Knowles showed off in a recent Instagram video.

In the video, Knowles is wearing red lipstick and dramatic lashes, and she speaks into a mirror, saying, “Hi! I’m here with the makeup guru—makeup extraordinaire Miss Blue Ivy Carter—and she just did my makeup. She’s been doing my makeup for years. And I really like it. I just don’t know about—I don’t know if you can see it, but I’ve got, like, little glittery stuff on the top. And I told her I think I might be a tad bit too old for glitter at the top of my eyes, but what do y’all think?”

Carter is off-screen in the clip but verbally objects—giving an authoritative “no”—when her grandmother suggests she’s too old for the glittery eye shadow.

In her caption for the video, Knowles also praised Carter for being a Renaissance child. “Blue IV Carter, never ceases to amaze me she can draw, she can paint, she can do makeup, she can play the piano and the list goes on!” Knowles wrote. “She reminds me so much of my multi talented younger babygirl! @solangeknowles who could do well just about anything she put her mind to! But I love her makeup it is so amazing!!!”

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