Project X and Radio Silence Strike Deal With MRC to Produce Horror and Thriller Films

Project X Entertainment and Radio Silence have joined forces with MRC to finance and produce original horror and thriller films under a joint venture agreement, the companies announced Wednesday.

The key players behind the successful 2022 relaunch of the “Scream” franchise will combine resources and expertise to generate 2-3 modestly budgeted genre films per year. The goal is to showcase emerging talent and voices within the thriving horror community.

MRC, the studio behind hits like “Knives Out” and “The Blackening,” brings significant production infrastructure and franchise-building capability. Project X and Radio Silence have proven their ability to craft inventive genre stories with global appeal through collaborations on films like “Ready or Not” and the latest “Scream” installments.

The partnership aims to tap into original scripts and intellectual property to develop a slate of films that deliver the scares today’s audiences crave. Leveraging the joint venture’s upgraded production pipeline, the team sees significant potential for spinning successful titles into larger franchises down the line.

“Our partnership with Radio Silence, combined with MRC’s stellar track-record, innovative deal-making and creative and production support, will enable us to explore new horizons in this type of filmmaking and become a one-stop shop for creative talent in this space,” Project X Entertainment co-founders, James Vanderbilt, William Sherak and Paul Neinstein said in a joint statement. “Not only have we been fortunate to work together on a number of films, but we have become a family who enjoys making movies together in a business which otherwise likes to throw you a challenge at every turn.”

“To be able to formalize our alliance with Project X and work with a studio in MRC that champions original and fresh films couldn’t be more exciting to us as storytellers,” Radio Silence members Chad Villella, Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin added. “We look forward to championing original movies for a global horror and thriller audience and hope to create new franchises for genre enthusiasts for years to come.”

“We are thrilled and honored to join forces with these two companies who share a love of fun and distinctive films,” MRC’s Brye Adler and Jonathan Golfman added. “It is rare to find partners so like-minded and entrepreneurial and we are excited to make a bunch of movies together!”

Already sourcing initial projects to launch the partnership, the team plans to announce an inaugural slate of films in the near future that will set the tone for the venture’s focus on fresh voices in horror.

UTA negotiated the deal on behalf of both companies. Radio Silence is repped by UTA, Brad Petrigala at Brillstein Grey and Tara Kole.

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