Procharged Chevelle SS Pushes 600-HP

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With much power comes much responsibility…

One of the great things about newer restomods is that they make no bones about what they are to the general public. Some in the past have tried to conceal the car’s performance with stock-looking designs and keeping the original lighting. However, for the most part, the car’s we’ve seen from channels like Autotopia LA in the past few years are all proud of their mixture of modern and classic and wear it like a badge on their exteriors. This particular vehicle is a great example of what makes these incredible restomods so appealing to the newest generation of car enthusiasts.

Under the hood of this Chevelle SS is a massive V8 engine which will utterly shock any purist to their core. That's because this fully hand-built engine was ripped out of an R/V and made to fit in the engine bay of the Chevelle. It's actually really cool how the owner of this car built the whole powerhouse himself nearly 20 years ago out of scratch, something you hardly see anymore. These days, the engine uses 383 cubic inches of displacement, a thoroughly cleaned block, and a touch of forced induction to produce about 650 horsepower.

That method of induction is a Procharger which uses its centrifugal design to provide the instant power of a supercharger with a distinct sound and tons of power. On top of that, the exterior also shines far better than the original especially with the new set of wheels. These wide centerpieces help the car roll around faster than it was ever built to from the factory which explains all of the incredible work that went into the upgrading and stabilizing of this 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle. All things considered, this is a great build from a dedicated enthusiast and he is heavily respected for it. loves Hagerty Drivers Club and we’re sure you will too. For just $70 per year, members enjoy six issues of the award-winning Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, unlimited access to Hagerty Valuation Tools, answers to any and all automotive questions from Ask Hagerty, VIP perks at events across the country, exclusive automotive offers, 24/7 emergency roadside service and so much more. What’s more — it’s a great deal. Using just one or two of the Drivers Club benefits easily pays for the cost of membership for the entire year. Need new tires? Automotive event tickets? The most up-to-date vehicle values? Hagerty Drivers Club has you covered. Ready to ride? Join the club.

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