The Pringles Cashier Is The Only Funny One In Chris Pratt's Super Bowl 2024 Ad

Pratt offering cashier a chip
Pratt offering cashier a chip - Pringles U.S./Youtube

Wherever you first encountered Chris Pratt may mean everything about how you feel about him. If you knew him as the lovable goof on "Parks and Recreation," as many did, you may still have a soft spot for him. But as he bulked up and began dating Katherine Schwarzenegger in 2018, folks saw his potential as a leading man rather than comic relief, and Hollywood couldn't stop throwing projects his way.Where the line was for when the movie market became over-Pratturated differs from person to person, whether it was during the three iterations of "Guardians of the Galaxy" or the most recent run of "Jurassic Park" movies. A more recent dust-up surrounded his work as a voiceover artist for "The Super Mario Bros Movie" as some fans were hoping to see the original voice artist for the character Charles Martinet assume the role, and others wondering if someone with an Italian background wouldn't be more appropriate.

Despite how you feel about Pratt's range of talents, Pringles certainly didn't leverage much of them with the Super Bowl 2024 ad, as he utters just five words in the 30-second spot. Needing mostly a recognizable face that was capable of growing a sufficiently handlebar-y 'stache, it's the deadpan delivery of the cashier that steals the spotlight.

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Cashier Steals The Spot

Mr. P unlocking Pratt's phone via FaceID
Mr. P unlocking Pratt's phone via FaceID - Pringles U.S./Youtube

At least two heads shorter than Pratt, the cashier known only as Jamie matter-of-factly tells him he looks like the Pringles guy and conspicuously snaps a photo of him holding the tube bearing the mustachioed logo. After Jamie immediately posts the image online, Pratt, dubious of the resemblance, finds out how wrong he is as socials go wild remarking on it, the logo is capable of using Face-ID to open his phone, and (as ad imitates life) movie producers fall over themselves to cast him as the star in Mr. P, a movie about the man behind the logo. Pratt brings little more to the role than being a hirsute recognizable face, and the butt of the meta-joke of his being Hollywood's go-to guy. While the person playing Jamie (who appears to be an unknown at this point) is the crux of the comedy in the ad, we may be too close to the truth when they ask Pratt, as both stare at the billboard of him in the role of Mr. P, "Do I get a cut?" to which Pratt's response is to offer Jamie a chip. Small potatoes indeed.

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