Why Princess Charlotte Might Receive A New Royal Title From King Charles

princess charlotte title princess royal
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Learning how to spell your name in school can be a challenging time for any child, but spare a thought for Princess Charlotte who has numerous royal titles to get to terms with.

The young princess is currently third in line to the throne, after her grandfather, King Charles III, became Monarch following the Queen's death on September 8, 2022 aged 96.

In addition to the late monarch's eldest son becoming King, Princess Charlotte's parents (Kate Middleton and Prince William), were bestowed the title of the Prince and Princess of Wales, respectively, the latter of which was last officially used by Princess Diana.

princess charlotte title princess royal
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The royal couple's seven-year-old daughter, who is known officially as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales, could be in line to receive another title in the not-so-distant-future: the Duchess of Edinburgh.

If she does inherit the title, she would take after her great-grandmother, the Queen, who previously held it. Styled as 'Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh', the title was given to the late royal after she married Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey, and was hers until she ascended the throne on June 2, 1953.

Princess Charlotte, who continues to be likened to her great-grandmother due their striking resemblance, is the first and youngest female in line for the throne, and takes precedence over her younger brother, Prince Louis. This, however, wouldn't have historically been the case but amendments to the Succession to the Crown Act, ahead of Prince George's birth in 2013, turned this law on its head (more on this below).

Here's everything we know so far about Princess Charlotte's current and possible future titles:

Will Princess Charlotte receive Queen Elizabeth II's former Duchess of Edinburgh title?

In November 2022, we learned that King Charles III, who ascended the throne after his mother passed away two months prior, might choose to give Princess Charlotte the Duchess of Edinburgh title instead of making Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of Edinburgh, His Majesty.

What do changes to the Succession to the Crown Act mean for Princess Charlotte's future as Queen?

In 2013, the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 was changed to allow a firstborn daughter of Prince William and Middleton to override any younger brothers when it comes to ascending the throne.

The previous ruling stated that brothers would always come before their sisters in the line of succession.

Will Princess Charlotte receive the title of the Princess Royal when Prince William becomes king?

Princess Charlotte is expected to receive a new title when her father Prince William becomes king.

The Prince of Wales (who is also known as the Duke of Cambridge) is currently second in line to the throne. After he ascends the throne, Princess Charlotte could become the Princess Royal.

The Princess Royal title is traditionally bestowed upon the eldest daughter of the Sovereign, and would make the young royal the eighth Princess Royal in British royal history. As it stands, Princess Charlotte's great aunt and the late Queen's only daughter, Princess Anne, holds the title, which she was given in 1987.

princess charlotte princess royal title
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Royal protocol means the title is held for life, even if the bearer outlives the Monarch, so the title cannot be held by two people at the same time. During George VI’s reign, despite being the eldest of two daughters, Her Majesty didn't receive the title Princess Royal because the sixth Princess Royal, her aunt Princess Mary, was still alive.

Princess Charlotte will therefore only be eligible for the title in the event Princess Anne passes away and the Prince of Wales become king.

Back in 2018 royal historian and founder of Royal Musings, explained to HELLO! that there are two prerequisites for Charlotte to receive the title.

'William will need to be King and Princess Anne dead for Charlotte to be named Princess Royal, she said. 'So yes, it is possible in the future.'

princess charlotte princess royal title
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Koenig added that due to the Succession to the Crown Act no longer being gender-dependant, Princess Charlotte may be granted a peerage (a hereditary title) like her mother, Middleton.

'Prince Louis will get one when he marries, so it would only be fair if Charlotte was named a Duchess on her wedding day,' the royal expert explained. 'She and her children will be ahead of Louis' line in the succession.'

Princess Anne, who was previously married to Mark Phillips, received the title of Princess Royal in June 1987, when she was 36 years old. However, Queen Victoria decided to give her eldest daughter Victoria the title when she was just two months old.

So, Princess Charlotte's future as the Princess Royal would also come down to Prince William choosing if and when Princess Charlotte should receive the title after he ascends the throne.

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