Prince Harry flashes cryptic hand signal while taking photos with Melania Trump

Marah Alindogan

What is going with Harry's hand?!

Prince Harry finally met Melania Trump for a meeting that lasted less than 30 minutes ahead of the Invictus Games on Saturday night. While it sounds like the meeting went swimmingly, the internet couldn't help but notice the royal's cryptic hand gesture while posing for photos with the first lady.

In almost all of their photographs together, the prince has his middle and ring fingers slipped into his jacket. The most bizarre part is that Harry held that pose for quite a while, as if he may have done it on purpose.

Of course, the internet has already theorized about the possible meanings behind the royal's awkward hand gesture --the "hang ten" symbol, horns (which can represent the UT Longhorns) or what someone who's nervous or uncomfortable does when they don't know what else to do!

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While the mystery of Harry's hand may never be solved -- we're assuming Kensington Palace won't publicly comment on this matter! -- we'll just let your imagination fly on this one.

For the meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto, Melania donned a houndstooth-patterned Dior suit, while Harry looked dapper in a navy blazer and trousers. The two had a friendly chat about the week-long Invictus Games, and the first lady even invited the royal to the White House!

Later in the evening, the two were spotted sitting next to each other at the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games. Harry's longtime girlfriend, Meghan Markle, was seen sitting a few rows down.