Prince Harry "Distrusts" Prince William's New Bond With Queen Camilla, According to a Royal Expert

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Harry "Distrusts" William's Bond With 👑 CamillaWPA Pool - Getty Images

Prince William and Prince Harry don't exactly get along (lol, an understatement), but one thing they previously aligned on? Being somewhat 👀 when it comes to their step-mother Queen Camilla. At least according to Prince Harry, who revealed in his bombshell memoir Spare that he and Prince William straight-up asked King Charles not to marry her.

But Prince William has seemingly become closer to Queen Camilla in the wake of King Charles and Kate Middleton's respective cancer battles, and according to a royal expert Harry "distrusts" their bond.

Author Tom Quinn tells The Mirror that "He really distrusts that William actually gets on rather well now with Camilla–Harry will see this as a betrayal. He was shocked when William realized that Camilla, far from being the monster they thought her when they were children, is actually a rather nice woman."

"She is exceptionally good at listening with a sympathetic ear and William has definitely warmed to that," Quinn continues. "Harry on the other hand sees this as one more example of William letting the side down—for Harry things have never moved on really since his mother died."

Oh, and Quinn adds that "For Harry, Camilla was the wicked stepmother back then, and she still is. It’s all very sad, but shows that the huge geographical divide between the brothers–Harry in America, William in London–has become a physical manifestation of their emotional separation."

ICYMI, Harry described Camilla as “dangerous” in Spare, and also touched on his issues with his step-mother during a 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper:

“She was the villain, she was a third person in the marriage, she needed to rehabilitate her image. The need for her to rehabilitate her image…that made her dangerous because of the connections that she was forging within the British press. And there was open willingness on both sides to trade information and with a family built on hierarchy, and with her on the way to being Queen Consort, there was going to be people or bodies left in the street because of that.”

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