'The Price of Freedom' sneak peek: President Clinton speaks

President Bill Clinton revisits his landmark gun control legislation in 'The Price of Freedom'

Video Transcript

BILL CLINTON: What's the point of being president if you can't help improve the lives and futures of people?


Laws can help. That's why I want to take these assault weapons off the street, to regulate how we deal with this craziness of violence.

DAVID KEENE: The '90s were a time of turmoil because of the Clinton administration's assault on firearm rights.

BILL CLINTON: I thought we weren't asking for that much.

SCOTT MELZER: Clinton introduced a couple pieces of legislation. One was the 1993 Brady Bill, which established background checks, named after Reagan's press Secretary Jim Brady who was shot along with Ronald Reagan.

- The new Brady Law could be a turning point in the fight against gun violence in America.

JAMES BRADY: 87% of the gun owners support this legislation. And you begin to wonder, well, who then does the National Rifle Association represent?