President Trump seemingly calls out Clinton's 'What Happened' book release with Twitter jab

Christina Gregg,

After taking a slight hiatus from his standard morning subtweets in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, President Trump returned to his usual social media ways on Tuesday, calling out "people writing books" about him.

"Fascinating to watch people writing books and major articles about me and yet they know nothing about me & have zero access," Trump wrote via Twitter on Tuesday morning. "#FAKE NEWS!"

The president is likely referring to former Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton's book "What Happened," which hits bookstore shelves today. From Clinton stating that her personal email scandal was her "most important mistake" to her reflecting on her former campaign trail adversary saying, "the flagrantly sexist candidate won" -- Clinton's book tour has included multiple public appearances for the former secretary of state as she weighs in on her devastating 2016 election loss.

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