President Biden’s dogs Major and Champ have moved into the White House

Chelsea Ritschel
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Major and Champ Biden have moved into the White House  (White House / Adam Schultz)
Major and Champ Biden have moved into the White House (White House / Adam Schultz)

President Joe Biden and Dr Jill Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, have officially moved into the White House.

The executive mansion's newest furry residents moved in on Sunday, shortly after their owners moved in on Wednesday.

According to the White House, the delayed move-in for the family’s pets was due to a desire to first get settled in, with Dr Biden’s press secretary telling CNN: “The First Family wanted to get settled before bringing the dogs down to Washington from Delaware. Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace, and Major loved running around on the South Lawn.”

In pictures shared by the White House, the two German shepherds appear happy with their new accommodations, with the photos showing the dogs running on the lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

The move also marks the first time that a shelter dog has lived in the White House, as the president and his family adopted Major in 2018 from the Delaware Humane Society. They had previously welcomed Champ into their family in 2008.

With the arrival of their pets, the Bidens have continued a long-standing tradition of dogs in the White House, which was briefly interrupted by Donald Trump, who was the first president to not have a dog in over 100 years.

During President Obama’s time in office, he and his family had two Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny.

On social media, the arrival of Champ and Major at the White House has been met with joy.

“So nice to see dogs in The White House again! Champ deserves the comfiest spot! Major, run wild!” one person tweeted.

Another said: “This is good and important content. Can’t wait for the update on FFOTUS (First Feline of the US)!”

Among those reacting to the news of the newest White House residents was Chelsea Clinton, who tweeted: “Major & Champ look right at home!”

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