President Biden Is "Concerned" About King Charles

king charles iii meets the president of the united states at windsor castle
President Biden Is "Concerned" About King CharlesPool - Getty Images

Following the news of King Charles's cancer diagnosis, well wishes are beginning to pour in for the British monarch.

While in Las Vegas today, U.S. President Joe Biden was asked if he had a message for the King, to which he replied, "I'm concerned about him—I just heard about his diagnosis. But I'll be talking to him, God willing."

Biden met with King Charles last summer at Windsor Castle, following the President's visit to the UK in fall 2022 for Queen Elizabeth's funeral. Upon the Queen's death, the Bidens said in a statement, "in the years ahead, we look forward to continuing a close friendship with The King and The Queen Consort."

In May 2023, Lady Jill Biden attended King Charles's coronation, with her granddaughter, Finnegan Biden. (President Biden did not attend.) In a recent book about the King, The Making of a King by Robert Hardman, the First Lady reflected on attending the coronation.

"The excitement was palpable. Everybody knew that this was a moment in history," Dr. Biden said. "Everybody was curious – you know: 'Who’s coming in?' – and then we walked to the very end and then turned right." She continued, "Right in front of me, there were all the world leaders. I had to reflect on this moment in history. Joe always says that all politics is personal and that really is true. I thought of all of Joe’s relationships with all the leaders in front of me and how important it was."

During his lifetime, Charles has met nine U.S. Presidents.

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