Prepare to be in awe of Hailey Bieber's overlined ombre lips

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Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images
Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images

Hailey Bieber is a celebrity we love to follow on socials because she strikes a very difficult balance between aspirational and relatable.

Some days she's sharing her skin troubles and showing her spots to the world and other days she pops up in full glam looking like the supermodel she is.

Wednesday night was no exception as Hailey posted a knock out look in a style we're now referring to as 'Bimbocore'.

Wearing a pink mini Versace dress and platform white boots, you'd think her makeup look would fade into the background.

Not when celebrity makeup artist Nina Park is the one holding the brushes.

Nina's client list includes Zoe Kravitz, Sadie Sink, HoYeon Jung and of course Hailey. In partnership with hairstylist Mara Roszak, they ensured Hailey's hair and makeup was as knockout as her outfit.

With her hair styled in messy, undone waves by Mara, Nina kept all eyes on Hailey's lips with a seriously overlined, nude/pink ombre look.

Keeping the pink tones very much alive, Nina added a pink gloss to Hailey's eye lids and kept her skin fresh with her natural freckles peeking through.

Trust us when we say this is the makeup look that everyone is going to be recreating.

Now, not that we don't love seeing all side of Hailey, but if she could just share her breakouts again or greasy hair or you know, just anything we could relate to, that would really help our self esteem right now.

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