Premier Autism Therapy Provider Reports on Landmark Clinical Study

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Action Behavior Centers
Action Behavior Centers

Action Behavior Centers reports 90% graduation rates to generalized classroom settings

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a recent series of studies on clinical outcomes for pediatric patients diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Action Behavior Centers (ABC), a premier provider of applied behavior analysis (ABA) reported the longitudinal impact of therapy including an 86% reduction in unsafe behavior and a 90% graduation rate to generalized classroom settings for young children who completed comprehensive, individualized early intervention program.

At the inception of this project, ABC sought to understand how the delivery of therapy would best benefit their patients. “Through conversations with our stakeholders, families consistently reported that an improvement in their child’s quality of life, specifically the ability to attend school with their peers, would be a significant indicator of success. Taking this goal to heart, we developed programming and outcomes measures that would maximize the probability that our patients would fully benefit from their educational environments,” said Dr. Charna Mintz, ABC’s Chief Clinical Officer and lead investigator on this project.

In one longitudinal study of children 2-6 years of age, enrolled in center-based, comprehensive early intervention programming at ABC, there was an 86% reduction in unsafe behavior including aggression, self-injury, elopement and property destruction. There was also an almost 20% reduction in treatment dosage across that same timeframe. Greatest reductions occurred during the first year of treatment and were sustained through graduation. “The science is clear. The earlier in a child’s life that we can diagnose autism and provide the requisite services, the higher the efficacy of the therapy,” said Dr. Claire Schutte, Senior Director of Evaluation and Research at ABC.

In a second longitudinal study, school placement following the completion of intervention was evaluated. Nine out of ten children who were clinically recommended to graduate by their Board Certified Behavior Analyst were placed in generalized classroom settings. In a follow up survey, families reported continued placement in these classrooms, validating the efficacy of treatment. “Placement in a general education classroom, creates maximum access to the school environment. I believe that the successful reduction in unsafe behaviors contributed to this outcome, helping families achieve their goal of improved quality of life,” remarked Dr. Mintz.

ABC is currently conducting two additional studies as part of this project, including the evaluation of parent stress as well as patient skill development while participating in comprehensive, individualized intervention.

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