Pregnant woman says fiancé’s family rocking chair doesn’t fit nursery room ‘theme’

A man has expressed his frustration after his pregnant fiancée refused to use his family rocking chair for their nursery room because it didn’t fit her “theme.”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, the husband (@nicholasig13) took to the social media platform to vent his frustrations over his wife dismissing his dream of putting the rocking chair, which was passed down to him from his late parents, in the baby’s room.

He wrote: “My pregnant fiancée just told me we can’t put the rocking chair my father bought for my mother that my sister and I were both nursed on in the baby’s nursery because it won’t match her ‘theme’.”

“Both my parents have passed,” he added. “This is a big ****ing issue for me.”

The post has since gone viral, garnering over 6.5m views on the platform and sparking discourse.

“I’d put it there anyway,” someone wrote.

“Tell her, ‘it wasn’t a suggestion.’ And then do as you please,” one person suggested, to which the original poster wrote: “That was my plan.”

However, many advocated for the expecting mother, while others suggested that the man could place the chair somewhere else in their home.

“As sentimental as the chair may be, it’s not as important as your fiancée,” another added. “Sometimes you gotta let a nesting woman do her nesting.” The original poster replied: “She dismissed the idea as soon as I said it. My input doesn’t matter apparently.”

“Word of advice: Stop being so sentimental,” another advised. “It is a chair. You will not be nursing the baby. Find someplace else in the house for it.”

Someone else empathised with the original poster, but agreed that because the mother would be nursing the baby, he should respect her decision. “The sentimentality is totally understandable and I hope she’s being sensitive about it,” they commented. “But at the end of the day, yeah, she’s the one who’s going to be nursing his child in the wee hours of the night. The least she deserves is a rocking chair to sit in that brings her joy.”

Another person added that his fiancée likely wanted to make the nursery a reflection of herself and her creativity as a mother. By having the rocking chair that nursed him as a child, they wrote that it might not feel authentic to his fiancée’s motherhood experience and would be better off in the hands of his sister who will go on to nurse her own children. However, they noted that he had every right to feel the way he did.

“It sounds like she didn’t really give your feelings a fair hearing and that would make anybody upset,” they wrote. “Maybe you could sit her down and say: ‘I understand you don’t want to use this chair and that’s okay, but I want to tell you why it’s important to me and how it was hurtful that you dismissed me.’ If you can have that conversation calmly, she might even change her mind.”

One person took issue with the fact that the man publicly criticised his pregnant fiancée online instead of respectfully keeping their business to himself.

“I think a bigger issue is bringing private problems between you and the mother of your child onto Twitter,” one user chastised the poster. “I can understand why you are frustrated but this ain’t it.”

“Tweeting about it will definitely help,” another person joked.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, nesting is an incredibly important time for mothers, as they are driven to prepare their homes to welcome their newborn babies. The nesting instinct reportedly reaches a fever pitch during the final weeks of pregnancy as the delivery date looms around the corner. It’s important for many mothers to create a nursing space that is calming amid the chaos of the first weeks of parenthood.